Simon-Kucher helps private equity clients improve their return on investment throughout the different stages of the deal lifecycle. Our capabilities allow us to help our PE clients make the right acquisitions, grow their portfolio businesses profitably and to maximize their returns on exit.

Our focus is on improving the top line of private equity portfolio businesses, generally achieving considerable revenue and profitability growth for them. As the world’s number one pricing consultancy, Simon-Kucher has helped private equity firms to optimize pricing within hundreds of portfolio businesses across a broad range of industries. View the Simon-Kucher Deal Cycle Toolkit here.

Buy: Commercial due diligence & top-up diligence on pricing issues
We help our clients evaluate potential acquisitions through rigorous analysis of a target’s market, competitive position and value creation opportunities.
Our unrivalled expertise in pricing makes us an ideal advisor in opportunities where price is a key concern or a major aspect of the investment thesis.

Grow: Portfolio business value enhancement
We help our PE clients develop realistic value creation plans for their portfolio businesses and have the expertise and experience to stay on and support effective implementation.
We have a range of tools at our disposal to drive profitable growth, these include:

  • Pricing measures
  • Marketing efficiency / effectiveness
  • Sales force optimization
  • Distribution optimization                   
  • Product portfolio review

We are not just about developing revenue and profit enhancing strategies, we help our clients make it happen. Coaching and implementation support are key elements of our work, whether it be sparring at the C-level to ensure alignment or assisting the front-line in getting to grips with new processes and tools.

Sell: Vendor assistance
We can help our PE clients prepare an asset for sale by helping to define and clearly communicating key selling arguments and also through quick results, value enhancement programs.

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