Celebrating a Milestone: Nezha Mediouni’s 15-Year Anniversary at Simon-Kucher!

February 15, 2021

Nezha Mediouni

Nezha has worked at Simon-Kucher since the beginning of 2006, starting out as one of 36 employees in our Boston office. Now, a few hundred colleagues later, Nezha is celebrating 15 years at Simon-Kucher. In honor of this occasion, Nezha reflects on her journey to the company and shares her first impressions, favorite accomplishment, and advice for new colleagues.

Happy anniversary, Nezha! How did you find your way to Simon-Kucher? What was your first impression, and how does it compare to what you think today?

Nezha: I was introduced to Simon-Kucher through a headhunter. They described the position as an opportunity to start with a small company and take over the finance and accounting functions as well as some of the HR functions. During my interview, I was impressed by the wealth of knowledge within the company and was particularly struck by the close-knit culture across all levels and functions. Fifteen years later, Simon-Kucher has grown tremendously; it might not have the small feel anymore, but it still has the same values. It is very team and people oriented.

How has your work changed over the years, and what has been your favorite project or accomplishment?

Nezha: My work continuously changed as we grew. I started when we only had the Boston office and 36 employees in the US, and now we have seven offices and over 270 employees! This meant that my work developed to meet the new structure and became more strategic as more colleagues joined us. I think my favorite accomplishment is our Accounting team. When I started this position, we were basically starting from scratch, so I’m incredibly proud to see how far this function has developed.

What is your favorite work event or memory, and why?

Nezha: The World Meetings, of course! As the company grew, many of my colleagues who became friends moved to other offices, and I also work closely with colleagues overseas. The meetings have been the perfect way to reconnect and see everyone!

What do you like most about working here?

Nezha: My coworkers – they’re the ones who make the culture at Simon-Kucher so unique. I have also appreciated the challenges that come with working at a fast-growing company.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their career at Simon-Kucher?

Nezha: Always try to connect with your colleagues. They’re what makes working here special. Not only have I made friends, but I have also learned a lot through the many conversations that I casually had in the kitchen. We work very hard, but knowing that you’re not alone and that you’re working with a special group of people makes it exciting.

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