Damien Robert

Senior Director

Damien Robert is a Senior Director and Expert for the Leisure, Travel and Transportation Practice. Based in Paris, he leads projects in cooperation with all Simon-Kucher offices.

After graduating from SUPAERO, the leading French Aerospace Engineering School, he started his career with Simon-Kucher in 2001. In 2005, he took the position of Head of Strategic and Promotional Pricing for Disneyland Paris, leading a successful product and price review for the 15th anniversary celebration. In 2008, he came back to Simon-Kucher, focusing on Leisure, Travel & Transportation industries.

He specializes in the development and implementation of breakthrough and integrated marketing, pricing and revenue management strategies for global players. He has strong experience in customer segmentation, new product development, pricing scheme optimization, Revenue Management and decision support tool development. Thanks to his combined industry and consulting experience, he is also very knowledgeable in the areas of Revenue Management and Sales and Marketing organization optimization.

He has led projects for a wide range of players such as airlines, rail operators, ferry operators, hospitality players, themeparks, movie theaters or events.

Damien Robert has written many articles in tourism magazine such as Strategos or Espace Tourisme & Loisirs, as well as in pricing publications like the Professional Pricing Society Newsletter.