Consumer & Retail

Company Profile

  • €500m annual revenue
  • DIY retail chain with 94 stores offering 50,000 SKUs
  • Marketing mix with out-of-store and in-store measures, content marketing and CRM

Situation and Objectives

  • Reveal effectiveness of all marketing measure on defined objectives
  • Develop process and tool to allocate marketing budget in an optimal way
  • Optimize next years marketing plan


  • Thorough analysis of marketing measures and their effects based on analysis of historical data, consumer research and expert knowledge
  • Identify impact of all marketing measures on traffic, sales, average check and gross profit
  • Develop process and supporting web-based client-server application (Marketing Advisor) to manage marketing mix decisions
  • Apply process and tool to optimize marketing plan of upcoming year
  • Support roll-out of new marketing mix management within the organization

Efficient Marketing-Mix Management with Tool-Based Decision Taking


  • Stop applying ineffective marketing measures
  • Optimize combination and timing of marketing measures
  • Apply Marketing Advisor tool to manage marketing holistically, i.e. define strategic goals, allocate marketing budget, develop strategic marketing plan, track operative marketing plan, monitor marketing performance


  • Reduced marketing budget by 12%
  • Increased revenue by 6%
  • Increased brand awareness by 17%