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Digitalization the Simon-Kucher Way

In the digital age, there are tremendous opportunities to maximize topline growth. How can you acquire more new customers, expand your share of wallet with existing customers, and grow your revenue and profit? As a specialist in topline power, Simon-Kucher analyzes and implements solutions in all key phases of the sales funnel: From marketing to sales, from personalization to loyalty, from pricing to segmentation. Our experienced digital consultants, industry experts, data scientists, and technology advisors use both data and qualitative insights as a starting point to work on any business challenge.

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CFO, Seamless Payment Provider, Sweden
Five Key Digital Offerings

Our digital offerings are fully focused on boosting revenue and profit. They help our clients to better monetize their products and services in an increasingly digital world. Most commonly, we work on these five topline-relevant topics:

Reinvent Business Models

Introduce new revenue models, create new digital products and clients

Redesign the Customer Experience

Optimize the user experience across online and offline channels

Maximize Online Marketing and Sales

Create personalized marketing solutions and optimize sales channels

Utilize Data-Driven Pricing

Bring your pricing decisions to the next level with data, machine learning, and software

Realize Digital Sales Force Opportunities

Support the sales force and channels with digital sales tools to be more efficient and effective

Delivering End-to-End Solutions
Our digital experts cover all topics from digital revenue strategies over pricing, marketing, and sales topics to data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. They provide solutions to our clients' digital challenges on all levels, be it fast prototypes, apps, custom pricing engines, or deep dive data analytics. 


Unicorn Whisperers
Simon-Kucher has worked with 50+ unicorns over the past years, helping them to successfully monetize their ideas. Being part of this truly digital ecosystem allows us to apply learnings from disruptors and innovators to established companies working on digitally transforming their businesses.  
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