Growing the Topline with Digital: Why most Digitalization efforts fail - and what to do about it - Webinar


Simon-Kucher & Partners, One Canal Park, 02141 MA, United States



Join Philip Daus, Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners, for a webinar on November 29th at 5pm EST.

Digitalization is happening right now. 81% of all companies have invested in digitalization initiatives in the past three years. However, while 75% of those efforts were focused on increasing revenues, 3 in 4 companies fail to grow their top line with digitalization.

This is an alarmingly high number, and there are multiple reasons. Many companies don’t have a digitalization strategy, let alone a clear roadmap. Others approach digitalization from the inside-out and see it as an IT topic, while it should rather be seen as a strategy to create customer value. And yet others do take a customer centric view but simply do not know how to monetize their digitalization strategy.

In this webinar, Philip Daus, Partner at Simon-Kucher based out Houston, will discuss insights from the Global Pricing & Sales Study on digitalization and share his expertise on how companies can become Digital Champions. Participants will learn:

  • Why digitalization should be a C-level topic
  • How it can drive  the development of new revenue and monetization models
  • Why most companies fail to monetize their digitalization efforts and what Digitalization Champions do differently
  • How to measure your companies’ performance of digital maturity and monetization
  • How to use Simon-Kucher's digitalization framework to boost the top line


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