How well-defined segments drive better product development and pricing for consumer brands

2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT


Everyone is not the same – that’s why segmentation works to create successful marketing campaigns that target specific messages through specific channels to specific individuals. But segmentation can also work to better develop our products and set the right prices. What are the right steps to define these segments? How do we then craft the right portfolio offering at the right prices to target the right consumer segments?

Join Senior Director Vincent Duong (Consumer & Retail Practice based in the Chicago office) as he shares key insights and examples on how to develop a well-defined and actionable segmentation that you can use to inform your product and pricing decisions. During the webinar he will cover a number of topics such as:

  • Best practices and steps to create actionable consumer segments
  • How to leverage these segments to inform your future product development
  • How to use segment insights to set prices that fully extract differences in consumer willingness-to-pay

One size does not fit all when it comes to your marketing, your products, and your prices. Join us to learn how to make sure you not only understand your consumer differences…but also how to best capture it!

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