Monetizing Innovations in the Consumer Goods Industry - Webinar



Millennials are not brand loyal.  Gen Z are even more fickle.  To stay relevant with these younger generations, brands HAVE to innovate… but 72% of all new products are flops. 

Every year, companies spend billions on R&D hoping to develop the next breakthrough innovations.  Amazon spent $22B or 13% of sales on R&D in 2017.  Apple spent $11B or 5% of sales on R&D.  In contrary, the traditional CPG companies spent significantly less and continue to struggle in driving sustainable topline and bottom-line growth. 

The stakes are high.  With a R&D spend at 0.4% of revenue, among the lowest in the industry, Kraft Heinz stock is currently priced at 25% below its IPO price in 2015.  Still, in 2017, Kraft Heinz spent $93M in R&D, which is not a trivial amount of money.

How can Consumer Goods companies better monetize their innovations?  This webinar will discuss:

  • The best-in-class monetizing innovation framework
  • What are the best-in-class examples in Consumer Goods?
  • Is subscription the right path to driving share of wallet and loyalty for your product? 
  • Should you sell your new products everywhere or only in select channels?

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