Nordic TopLine Power® Breakfast Club

Competitive Response Strategy
Langelinie Pavillonen, Langelinie 10, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark


As markets are becoming increasingly global, European businesses is facing a new reality of increased competition from low-cost providers. Often, this competition results in increased commoditization of products, price pressure, and a general disruption of the market towards the low-end. Question is, how do European businesses minimize the negative effects?

Join us to learn, how to we approach competitive response strategies. At the event, we will focus on identifying the areas being most exposed from low-end competition, strategic options such as dual-product strategies as well pricing strategies. At the event, Daniel Bornemann, Partner in Technology & Industrials at Simon-Kucher & Partners, and Nicolai Broby Eckert, Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners, will present insights to the topic, methodologies and project examples. More information will follow soon.

The TopLine Power® Breakfast Club is targeted at people with a responsibility for business development, strategic sales, marketing, and pricing. Participation in the event is non-binding and free of charge but spaces are limited and issued on a first come, first served basis. 

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