The Price is Wrong: Crisis Response Strategies for Oil & Gas



Simon-Kucher and Rice University recently conducted a study to understand the impact of the current crisis on the Oil & Gas industry. 195 industry experts across all major O&G industry verticals shared their perspective, one third of respondents hold top & senior management roles. 

Key Insights:

  • Prices are expected to take 3 years to get back to $60 per barrel Brent Crude.
  • O&G companies will cut CapEx by 35% on average, significant price reductions are expected.
  • 8 out of 10 O&G industry experts strongly underestimate the impact of price reductions, leading to wrong decisions and profit leakage.
  • According to respondents, pricing initiatives yield the highest ROI of all internal projects, yet companies are too busy cutting costs and thus under-invest in pricing.

Join us as we share the detailed findings, discuss current developments in Oil & Gas and the importance of professional price management for companies operating in the industry.

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