Servitization: Monetize Your Service Offering and Transform the Industry - Webinar



Join Simon-Kucher & Partners', Bhavin Manjee, for a free webinar on December 7th at 2:00 PM EST focusing on how to Monetize Your Service Offering and Transform the Industry. 

To cope with increasing price pressures, smart companies have turned to innovative revenue models to further grow and diversify revenue and profit streams.  Servitization is the shift from a focus on providing a product to a focus on creating and sustaining an outcome or level of performance for the customer.  These new models have been proven to strengthen customer intimacy and loyalty, while enabling competitive differentiation of the underlying product.

Bhavin Manjee, a Director with Simon-Kucher & Partners, will lead a webinar covering the following objectives:

  • Define servitization and how it enables a company’s strategic objectives
  • Explore the key factors that enable a company to do it profitably
  • Summarize best practices for transitioning to a servitization model

Our webinars are FREE and open to the professional public.