Social Media as the Next Frontier of Your Omnichannel Strategy



Targeted Facebook ads. Social media influencer. YouTube unboxing hauls. Toy product reviews. Instagram shopping. With all these choices on which platforms to utilize and which types of ads and partnerships to partake in, social media marketing has evolved rapidly in the last couple of years. What is the role of social media in my conversion funnel? Where are you more likely to drive purchase decisions vs. just raise awareness and build brand trust? Simon-Kucher has just fielded a new survey on the role of social media in the consumer journey.

Join Michelle Leong, Director within the Consumer & Retail Practice based out of our New York office, who will share the latest insights from this study. This webinar will cover topics such as:

  • Role of social media in general and by platform in the consumer conversion funnel
  • Value proposition of each social media platform when it comes to different product categories
  • Future outlook of on-platform purchases and potential shopper barriers to entry

Leveraging social media to market to consumers has become one of the most important topics for brands to master today. Join us to learn how to get it right and what the future holds for these platforms.

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