Is Your Sales Team Tender-ready?



Tender management is becoming an increasingly important job for sales organizations. In high transparency bidding environments there is a high risk of the service offerings among providers to become commoditized. The result is that the whole tendering process is reduced to one variable - the price - which quickly can turn very unattractive.

Although a significant share of revenue is generated from bids, many sales organizations still struggle when faced with the two challenge questions:

  • How do you know that the bid you have submitted is a good one?
  • How do you make sure that you capture the value that you provide through the delivery?

Simon-Kucher research shows that the ability to tackle these challenges lies in the preparation and readiness of the sales team and that this topic is becoming particularly important as we move from physical to digital products

In this webinar, Dr. Andreas Jonason will share tips, tricks and case examples across industries to guide your sales team to become tender and thus ready to answer the two challenge questions.

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