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Part 1: The Importance of Pricing

By Dr. Rainer Meckes
Intelligently managing price structures and levels is the most important topic to secure business success. Get it right and...

Part 2: Pricing Power, and How You Can Profit From It

By Dr. Andrea Maessen
How successful is your company in increasing prices without losing volume to competitors? That depends on your pricing...

Part 3: Why Prices End in 99… and Other Psychological Pricing Tactics

By Dr. Christoph Bauer
Ever wondered why prices end in 90 or 99? You can find “99” price tags everywhere, from your bar of chocolate at the supermarket...

Part 4: Value Pricing Changes the Rules of the Game

By Franck Brault
Value pricing is gaining recognition as the superior pricing strategy for both new and existing offers. Companies understand...

Part 5: Digital Transformation – A New Way of Working

By Lisa Jaeger
Digital transformation is happening everywhere. The world is becoming increasingly digital, and digital technologies...

Part 6: Price increase? No problem. Preparation beats price pressure!

By Nina Scharwenka
Many companies are forced to pass on increased costs to maintain their own revenues. In part 6 of our Pricing Basics series...

Part 7: Stay Strong – How to Fight a Price War

By Dr. Ekkehard Stadie, Manuel E. Osorio, Dr. Kajetan Zwirglmaier
More than half of all companies worldwide believe they’re involved in a price war. What do they have in common? Most...


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