Simon-Kucher’s Corporate Banking practice provides innovative solutions to help clients define their commercial strategy, design marketing initiatives and develop efficient pricing processes.

Through extensive knowledge of financial products and a smart analytical approach, we help banks optimize revenue along the entire commercial value chain.

We have significant consulting experience serving financial and institutional clients across all segments – from small- and medium-sized enterprises to large multinationals. We’ve helped them develop and refine all types of processes and strategies, from simple lending products to more complex financial solutions such as structured finance, global transaction banking, investment banking and capital markets.

Here is what our corporate banking clients value the most about our services:

  • Specialization – We focus keenly on areas such as pricing and marketing in which we have become recognized market leaders
  • Analytical skills – We analyze raw transactional data to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Implementation focus – We get results by helping clients implement tools, processes and commercial strategies until the job is really done
  • Collaborative approach – We work closely with client executives and their staff to get them fully committed to the change

Our projects for corporate banking clients have included:

  • Developing a holistic value-based pricing model based on a bank’s strategic objectives and its relationship with each corporate customer
  • Expanding the customer base through a need-based targeting model, where a bank targets potential customers according to their commercial and financial needs
  • Designing marketing initiatives based on target customers’ potential revenues, to prioritize commercial efforts
  • Creating a transactional dataset to collect different information streams in a unique suite, thus increasing a bank’s ability to maximize revenue

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