Many business service and outsourcing firms struggle to balance ambitious growth targets with profitability, as their clients push back against price increases. Their biggest challenges include commoditization, price pressure and increased professionalization in tenders and purchasing.

Simon-Kucher helps leading business services and outsourcing firms increase profits in line with the customer benefits they deliver. Our clients typically offer business and outsourcing services in these areas:

  • Facility management
  • Information technology
  • Professional services such as auditing, accounting, tax and legal advice
  • Security services
  • Temporary work

We support these clients on a global scale and have conducted numerous highly successful projects in many countries. These projects include:

  • Gap analysis: identifying strengths and weaknesses in pricing, sales and the bidding process
  • Strategic orientation/pricing policy: creating key guidelines of the go-to-market approach
  • Go-to-market strategy: tailoring a channel strategy to a new business line
  • Product development: developing and pricing new products and service offerings
  • Price setting: developing a concept for value-based pricing systematics (peer pricing); setting up rules for price calculations (strategic customers)
  • Revenue model/contracts: developing offer models; optimizing offer templates; defining rules for creating and dealing with rate cards
  • Follow-up management: establishing a process and support tools to effectively pinpoint, communicate and invoice overruns
  • Price increases: supporting price increase campaigns (for small/mid-sized customers and key accounts)
  • Sales training: setting up and conducting workshop-based sales training seminars to boost negotiation and sales skills
  • Big-deal coaching: workshop-based support to prepare for large sales opportunities

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