Commodity markets are highly cyclical. To be successful, companies need to know which measures to take and when to take them — something that can only be achieved with a thorough understanding of the entire market cycle. If they raise prices too late, manage increases unsystematically, or sell volumes too quickly, they’ll be leaving profit on the table. Likewise, if companies fail to align their sales and product portfolios with customer and user segments, they’ll miss out on opportunities for differentiation and growth. Scarcity of resources, the circular economy, and mass flow management present additional challenges for the industry.

We help companies in the mining, industrial minerals, and metal industries (steel and non-ferrous metals) develop commercial strategies for profitable growth, pricing, and market-oriented sales models and transformation management. Using our unique expertise in commercial strategies and knowledge of customer industries, we support suppliers of niche items and commoditized mass products alike on their journey to profitable growth.

Our solutions give companies valuable insight into designing:

  • Profitable growth and customer portfolio strategies
  • Sales strategies and digital go-to-market models
  • Product and service portfolio strategies
  • Dynamic contract and price management approaches
  • Advanced analytics and forecasting models
  • Commercial and digital transformation programs

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