Simon-Kucher has helped major oil and gas companies worldwide develop actionable marketing, pricing and sales strategies. We intimately understand the characteristics and challenges of upstream and downstream markets, and bring broad and deep expertise to solve big challenges.

The tough economic environment is clearly testing the market for upstream equipment and services companies. It has never been more important for companies to review and strengthen their commercial proposition in the market. As uncertainty in oil prices continues, Simon-Kucher has developed a number of commercial models that help upstream companies ensure future growth. Our work has been so successful that one of our solutions recently became a Harvard Business School case study.

Downstream companies face a more delicate problem: determining the best price for their product (a gallon or liter of fuel). Our research shows most consumers can’t answer this question, even directly after they filled up their vehicles. This paves the way for improved price perception management and advanced elasticity analytics. Using this information, we generate site-by-site tactics for our clients, who then can easily manage their pricing using our Simon-Kucher Fuels Pricing GearboxTM.

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