Characterized by fast innovation processes, the diagnostics industry is constantly improving patient diagnosis through more accurate tests and images as well as simplified workflows and increased automation. The global medical imaging market is expected to more than double by 2025 while the in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) market is predicted to grow by approximately 30 percent over the next six years. 

Commercial pressure is increasing

Despite this positive outlook, diagnostics manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to maintain their profitability and develop sustainable business models due to strong competition and rising demand for digital solutions. Typical commercial pressure points include:

  • Consolidation of the customer base (e.g. international lab chains, private hospital groups, regional tenders)
  • Constrained healthcare budgets with increasing volume and tariff cuts
  • Growing number of evidence requirements and market access barriers
  • Decreasing portfolio differentiation vs. competitors (portfolio gaps are closed)
  • Rising customer demand for holistic solutions, services, and digital offerings
  • Increasing cost-to-serve usage 
  • Growing demand for manufactures to absorb volume risk

Our global MedTech & Diagnostics team supports our clients in addressing the above-mentioned challenges, driving profitable growth, and leveraging market opportunities. Our impact spans the entire commercial excellence framework, including:

Monetizing innovations 

  • Business case and commercial strategy
  • Market access strategy and evidence planning
  • Packaging and pricing strategy for digital solutions

Professionalizing sales

  • Sales process efficiency and KAM management 
  • Sales strategy optimization, particularly the shift toward solution-selling 
  • Sales support tools and quotation and big deal management    

Enhancing marketing

  • Price and value positioning and repositioning
  • Value communication, quantification, and patient journey
  • Value-added service definition, (de-)bundling and commercialization

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