Each year, the Life Sciences industry invests more than eight billion dollars into digital health assets. Investment is driven by an overall optimistic outlook on Digital Health – over 70 percent of industry leaders highlight that it is a key growth opportunity for their businesses. 
Despite this, few products have achieved high levels of success to date. Digital therapeutics and connected care products are struggling to get off the ground, while Health IT solutions are facing increasing competition.

Simon-Kucher research shows that the primary obstacles to success are related to monetization. As the leading consultancy in monetizing innovation, Simon-Kucher is the optimal partner to help your business capitalize on digital health opportunities.

Simon-Kucher primarily supports Digital Health companies in three main areas:

Digital Therapeutics

The world of Digital Therapeutics is emerging rapidly. Many companies have developed effective products but few have successfully monetized their innovations. In addition, new therapies are opening the door to novel commercial models, expanding monetization options beyond traditional payers. 

Our work in Digital Therapeutics focuses on helping our partners identify the optimal direct or indirect commercial model, find potential funding pathways, and gather the required evidence to support their commercial model.

Connected Care

Connected Care leverages digital technology to create an ecosystem of healthcare devices and stakeholders. New opportunities for data capture, transmission, and analysis can provide support with decision-making and disease management in real time.  However, given the breadth of stakeholders require to recognize the value of the solution and ensure its success, companies need to create the perfect offer and properly price it.

We frequently help clients develop the most effective offers, select the optimal revenue model, and support their revenue models with comprehensive value stories.

Health IT

Health IT is the most established category in Digital Health. Due to their secure foothold in the world of Life Sciences, health IT products are faced with a different set of monetization challenges. Increasing competition combined with growing purchaser sophistication require companies to create and extract value with high efficiency.

We help our clients optimize the packaging and pricing of their Health IT products to enhance the value delivered to the customer. Value must be quantified and communicated through clear clinical and economic value propositions. We then support digital health companies in carefully selecting the appropriate sales model, as the approach used for traditional Life Sciences products is quite different.

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