Your Market Access and Pricing (MAP) function plays a pivotal role in a product’s success. Is your MAP organization set up to seize opportunities and face challenges? Are you meeting all the requirements to future-proof the MAP organization to ensure success?


Simon-Kucher’s MedTech practice focus is on devices, equipment, services, diagnostics and digital health. Our experience enables our clients to sustainably increase their top-line with our strategies leading to profitable growth. While we count 40 of the top 50 MedTech and Diagnostics companies as our clients, we also work with small- and mid-sized companies, including OEM suppliers and service companies for the healthcare industry.

The global healthcare environment is as complex as it has ever been. Decisions are being made jointly by clinical and economic stakeholders, with scrutiny for companies to demonstrate the true value, both clinical and health-economic, reflected in the price of the offer (i.e. product and/or service).

This means companies must choose the right markets and the right segments, sell through effective channels and convince the relevant stakeholders with a compelling value proposition that justifies their offer is worth the money. This requires companies to both identify the true value of its offer and also have the right commercial and sales processes to extract that value from the market.

This is where Simon-Kucher excels – our significant consultant experience that MedTech and Diagnostics companies can leverage to achieve their revenue and profit targets. Our approach is one of working alongside our clients; we are results-oriented and hands on, rolling up our sleeves to fully engage and understand the specific challenge.  We analyze the product(s), market(s), competitive landscape and company sales/transaction data in order to gain a comprehensive view from which to make informed intelligent decisions.  We both set the strategy and assist with implementation, to ensure its longevity and results.

Our experience

  • Our Partners have 10+ years of experience in the MedTech space, as trusted advisors, often combined with practical industry experience e.g. in business development, marketing & sales or healthcare procurement
  • Our consultants have a mix of business, medical, bioscientific and commercial backgrounds
  • Our team is truly global; located in the Americas, Europe and Asia

Our focus

Our multidisciplinary team supports our clients with strategy, marketing, pricing, and sales topics. Below is a selection of topics where we have recently supported our clients.


  • Growth strategies
  • Market landscaping
  • Business models
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Competitive strategies


  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Brand positioning
  • New product and service development
  • Digital solutions monetization
  • Value story creation


  • Pricing strategy
  • Price setting at launch and post-launch
  • Contracting, discounts, and rebates
  • Pricing organization and processes
  • Pricing excellence programs


  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Field force size, structure, and roles/responsibilities
  • Key account management
  • Hiring and training excellence
  • Sales excellence programs

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Omar Ahmad

Omar Ahmad

Executive Committee Member Healthcare & Life Sciences and Managing Partner Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

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