Simon-Kucher’s global expert team has unrivaled expertise in helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies achieve their strategic goals while improving the health of people around the world.

In the biotech sector, we have helped clients:

  • Of all sizes and experience. We work with everyone, from the largest players in the industry to an ever growing number of companies bringing their very first products to market
  • At every stage of the product lifecycle. We provide tailored strategic advice to fit your business needs, from early stage asset prioritization and Phase II/III strategic planning, to launch strategy readiness and lifecycle management
  • In over 60 countries. Our global presence allows us to support our clients’ success in the big seven markets (US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and Japan) and numerous important growth markets including Brazil, China, and Southeast Asia
  • Across the entire customer network. We offer pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies actionable insight and strategic advice on how to navigate the complex interactions between their most important customers, including payers, hospitals, healthcare institutions, physicians, pharmacists, patients, and distributors
  • Develop strategy and build capabilities. We partner with our clients to advance their strategic thinking and unlock their world-class performance potential

Simon-Kucher advises pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients on their most challenging strategic priorities regarding unlocking their growth. We help our clients grow their businesses, communicate the value of their products, better meet the needs of their customers, attain patient access for their products, and achieve their strategic goals.  

Our core capabilities include: 


  • Growth strategies
  • Competition strategies
  • New business models 
  • Monetization strategies
  • Scenario planning
  • Market due diligence

Pricing & Market Access

  • Pricing excellence programs
  • Pricing strategies for products, business units, and companies
  • Innovative pricing and revenue models
  • Launch and post-launch pricing
  • Pricing organization and processes


  • Market and customer segmentation
  • Portfolio design
  • Positioning strategy 
  • Branding and value communication
  • Marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  • CRM 


  • Launch and brand excellence
  • Effective and sustainable strategy implementation
  • End-to-end corporate transformation toward commercial excellence
  • Monitoring and KPI systems
  • Change management


  • Sales organization and efficiency
  • Omnichannel strategies
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Key Account Management
  • Channel management, discount and bonus systems


  • Digital strategies
  • Business model transformation
  • Customer-centric digital approaches
  • Digital offerings
  • Digital monetization models 
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Big Data analytics


Your Market Access and Pricing (MAP) function plays a pivotal role in a product’s success. Is your MAP organization set up to seize opportunities and face challenges? Are you meeting all the requirements to future-proof the MAP organization to ensure success?


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