Because of our longstanding relationships with suppliers of machinery and plant technology, Simon-Kucher has developed deep knowledge of the engineering industry. Our clients include companies that supply pumps, compressors, tools and other relevant components. While they may differ in size, product portfolio complexity and internal company dynamics, their drivers of profitable growth are the same:

Products and services: Do the existing products and services fit with target market segments? Which products are needed to address new segments (e.g., medium markets, service segments)? What are the core customer requirements and buying criteria?

Sales and go-to market: How does the sales approach address existing and new customers in both established and new markets? Which organization structures and processes will help the sales team tap the market potential?

Pricing and margin steering: Which pricing measures will produce a return on sales increase of 200-400 basis points? Which innovative pricing models are possible for products and services? How can value-selling arguments be used during negotiations?

Over the past years, we have supported conglomerates as well as small and medium-sized enterprises on their path toward profitable growth.

Our projects for engineering companies include:

  • Developing growth vision and strategy, defining strategy processes and areas of responsibility within the company
  • Analyzing portfolios of products, services and add-ons, and assessing market segmentation and customer buying criteria
  • Analyzing the existing sales approach (sales audit) and optimizing go-to-market strategies for area sales, inside sales, product management and strategic marketing to achieve sustainable growth in attractive segments
  • Designing and implementing customer-oriented sales organizations, roles, and processes
  • Steering sales through suitable sales incentive systems
  • Managing key global accounts and appropriate organizational structures
  • Analyzing the current pricing strategy (pricing audit) and implementing pricing measures at the product level (e.g., by optimizing list prices) and at the customer level (e.g., discounts)
  • Instituting peer pricing, using target price systems with systematic price calculation models in project business
  • Pricing new products and innovations, monetizing digital services in the Industry 4.0 context, and servitization
  • Value-selling training

Our Technology & Industrials practice possesses deep industry expertise on strategy, marketing, sales, and pricing. We ask the right questions, anticipate future challenges and generate the right customized solutions to help clients grow profitably.
Our project findings are individual, precise and can be implemented directly. From the project outset, we consider custom implementation opportunities and foreseeable hurdles and provide you with quick and reliable support to increase your success.

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