The paper and packaging industry has dealt with a number of challenges in recent years, including rising prices for raw materials and strategies to successfully pass these costs on to the market. Price pressure has become even greater since then, particularly due to the growing popularity of calls for tendering and eAuctions as well as international key accounts gaining more and more price transparency.

In addition to these longstanding issues, current trends, such as sustainability, eCommerce, value-based pricing strategies, and mass customization, are making the market more dynamic. Reliable strategies are needed in the areas of sales, marketing, and pricing to face the challenges of new and traditional business models. In addition to focusing on value-based pricing and smart models for passing on changes in raw material prices, many companies are developing sustainable smart packaging, monetizing USPs, and comprehensively digitalizing offers and processes. We can support you throughout the entire transformation process by helping you develop innovative approaches, create a customer-focused range of products, and complement traditional business models with services.

Products from the paper and packaging industry are widely considered commodities, whose prices and margins are constantly under pressure. However, to be profitable, companies must be able to properly differentiate their products and clearly communicate the added value they offer during price negotiations. Using our 360-degree pricing analysis and recommended measures, a more professional pricing approach can help you increase your return on sales by two to three percentage points. Together, we can develop solutions to design pricing strategies and set and implement prices that unlock your full profit potential.

Services hold significant profit potential, so it is important to monetize them correctly. We can help you with the unbundling process, and together, we will develop clear product structures to increase the revenue and margins of your services.

Tender management
Highly adept, price-driven purchasing organizations pose a considerable challenge for paper and packaging companies selling highly-specialized, customer-specific products. A systematic approach for managing tenders is therefore essential. Clearly defined requirements, an optimized offer design, and systematic preparation for negotiations can help you achieve better results, enabling you to minimize losses and achieve higher margins at your next tender.

Digitalization is becoming increasingly important for making sales processes more efficient. Further efficiency gains can be generated by improving key account management. Having a clearly defined, strategic approach and allocating resources in a targeted way will enable your sales team to better serve key customers in the future. Optimized sales management, performance-based remuneration, and clear targets that focus on profitability, not just volume, help ensure this.

From years of experience with industry players, we are an excellent partner for a variety of topics including CRM and sales strategies, processes, and organizations.

Growth strategy
In addition to monitoring basic growth levers in sales and pricing, we will also track your company’s overall growth. Together, we can develop and prioritize strategic growth areas by benchmarking product, market, and customer segments. During implementation, we will identify the most profitable customer groups in order to leverage new business or cross-selling potential, sometimes with immediate results. We will ensure every avenue is actively explored in order to achieve profitable growth and meet your margin targets.

At a glance
We support paper and packaging companies by:

  • Carrying out systematic market and customer segmentation
  • Defining sales, pricing, and growth strategies
  • Developing and monetizing innovative pricing models
  • Implementing value-based pricing
  • Securing sales and profit through professional tender management/pricing
  • Improving customer satisfaction through optimized key account management
  • Defining efficient sales processes and a clear organizational sales structure through sales excellence consulting

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