Celebrating International Day of Families

May 14, 2021

What does family mean to you? That’s what we asked our colleagues around the globe in celebration of United Nation's International Day of Families. We loved gathering everyone’s photos in this video as well as some of their comments below:

“Family comes in all shapes and sizes. Tolerance can be more essential than understanding each other.” - Jodie, Beijing

“Nina, my special needs daughter, is the heart and soul of my family always bringing us together <3” – Yara, Cairo

"Family time is out-and-about time. And the recent lockdowns have reminded me how easy it is to take for granted the fun of simply spending time together, exploring things and places." - Mark, London

"Family is a place, the warmest place I've been to. Family is an armor, the strongest armor to protect me. Family is a feeling, let me feel happy and peaceful." - Amy, Beijing

“Being in a family means you’ll love and be loved for the rest of your life." - Julie, Silicon Valley

"For me, family means love - whether it comes from blood or not!" - Camila, São Paolo

“Family means comfort, support, and laughing together – most of all being there for each other no matter what.” - Anke, San Francisco

“I have a pocket in my heart, and family is the sweet candy in that pocket.” - Lillian, Beijing

"Traveling with my 11 year old hound dog is my family time." - Kristin, San Francisco

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