A Day in the Life of Senior Graphic Designer Anke Schumann in Silicon Valley

October 14, 2021

Anke Schumann

Anke Schumann, Senior Graphic Designer in our Silicon Valley office, has been working at Simon-Kucher & Partners for well over a decade. Discover cats, dogs, cookies and more, as we spend the day with her in sunny California!


My day starts by taking our dog out for a quick run. I enjoy the quiet time and fresh morning air before the day begins.

I wake my son up, and we get breakfast ready. I appreciate the days working from home as I can spend time with my son before he goes to school.



At this time, I usually go through my inbox and check-in with colleagues on projects, and assignments. I might chat with the events team on preparing for upcoming webinars and forums.



I meet with the graphics team where we discuss our project schedule and assigned incoming work.

Today the graphics team held our quarterly Graphics outing where we decorated cookies.

zoom meeting


I usually do some stretches around lunch time. Sometimes ‘Pickles’ joins me.



My work day finishes. I drive my son to after school activities, and take the dog out for a walk or run. We recently got a ping pong table, which has become our family’s favorite game.

ping pong


We eat dinner, talk about our day, and relax watching TV.

A bit later I head to bed and do some reading. I’m currently reading ‘Conversations with friends’ by Sally Rooney.


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