Our Company Heroes: Extraordinary Times Call For Extraordinary People

January 14, 2021

Local Hero Simon-Kucher

Video: Lisa Jaeger, Partner at Simon-Kucher, introducing the local company heroes during the virtual World Meeting 2020.

Before our annual World Meeting in December, all of our employees were invited to nominate a hero that brightened their day. Here are some of our outstanding employees of 2020.


Eline Middelburg (Senior Consultant, Bonn)
“Eline is great at team building with her colleagues. She organized multiple virtual pop quizzes, crime games, and coffee breaks. Her energy to bring the team together creates a good mood for everybody.”

 Simon-Kucher Beate

Beate Kuehn (Reception, Cologne)
“Beate has been and still is the heart and soul of the Cologne office. She managed day-to-day operations and continued to be there, always friendly and helpful to make sure everyone felt at home in the office.”


Bjoern Mueller (IT Specialist, Cologne)
“Despite difficult circumstances, Bjoern never complained and made sure that all our employees could work without any problems. His focus was always on the success of the team and never on himself.”


Meghan Butt (Senior Consultant, San Francisco)
“Meghan has proven that even in a difficult work environment she is the ultimate team player who is always willing to help out her team mates. She also spearheaded the social impact committee, sourcing project opportunities for our pro bono consulting work.”


Becca Horton (Office Manager, San Francisco)
“Becca has shown a lot of initiative with virtual fun ideas, such as monthly celebrations. Beside that, she is engaging with local charities such as food banks and motivating the team to support these charities.”


Jill Sheen (Office Manager, Sydney)
“Jill made sure that every person who had a birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic last year had a birthday cake delivered to their home and she organized a virtual team meeting to celebrate.”


Naina Verghese (Consultant, Singapore) & Chetan Prakash (Director, Singapore)
“Naina and Chetan have connected with an organization collecting food that would otherwise go to waste. They motivated their office colleagues to spend their free time to repackage food bags for people in need.”


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