Christoph Petzoldt

Managing Partner Australia

Christoph Petzoldt is the Managing Partner of Simon-Kucher's Australia/New Zealand operations.

Chris has more than 15 years of management consulting experience across all industries. His work focuses on strategic marketing, portfolio/bundle design and pricing optimization. Chris has conducted more than 80 consulting projects in Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Oceania and South America. Chris is specialized in portfolio optimization, value-based pricing, pricing research, retention and sales execution.

He founded Simon-Kucher’s Australia/New Zealand business in 2011, covering all industries in the region. Before that he was responsible for telecommunications in APAC – a topic that remains his focus.

Chris studied business administration at the University of Kiel, Germany, and at the School of Business and Commercial Law Gothenburg, Sweden. He majored in innovation management and marketing.

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