Energy & Utilities

Company Profile

  • Europe-based incumbent
  • Annual revenue of €2.5bn

Situation and Objectives

  • Declining earnings in B2B sales
  • Inefficiencies in sales processes
  • Objectives: Improve sales efficiency


  • Set ambitious sales goals and measures in alignment with overall strategy
  • Understood customer expectations based on need-based customer segmentation
  • Overhauled product portfolio with specific product and service bundles for each segment.
  • Optimized customer approach strategy, orienting customer care (acquisition/reacquisition) strictly on the needs of costumer segments
  • Systematically optimized sales potential by aligning sales activities with target customer lists based on result contribution
  • Streamlined sales steering using five KPIs for each steering level
  • Accelerated processes by streamlining all sales activities with regard to segment expectations
  • Simplified the sales organization and reduced distance to the customer by building the organization according to customer segments
  • Identified employee potential by assessing sales type (farmer/hunter) and newly filling positions (inclusion of works council)
  • Developed employees with targeted training on value-selling
  • Generated excitement and promoted change by relaunching corporate sales with a kickoff event and setting target bonuses to raise employee motivation
  • Made successes visible by introducing regular and transparent success reporting


  • Streamlined and simplified sales processes
  • Identified customer expectations, needs, and value drivers
  • Developed specific product and service bundles for each customer segment
  • Customer care/service levels strictly oriented to the needs of customer segments and value contribution
  • New way of working


  • Higher efficiency of sales and underlying processes
  • >€4m increase in gross profit (first year after implementation)