Public & Social Sector
Public Sector

Company Profile

  • National, government-sponsored umbrella association
  • Self-governance structure with public elections guaranteed by national laws

Situation and Objectives

  • Self-governments elected by service users
  • Elections not popular and participation low
  • Cost and meaningfulness of elections questioned by public and media
  • Communication budget to attract voters limited
  • Nonetheless, voter participation must not decrease
  • Project objective: Increase voter participation
  • Sub-goals: Improve awareness and relevance of elections to general public


  • Optimized communication strategy: Question past communication efforts and discover optimization potential
  • Focus on eligible voters with the best cost-benefit ratio of communication measures
  • New approach of attracting voters through activating key messages and targeted communication channels
  • Identify and deploy influencers and multipliers to improve public perception and media coverage
  • Comprehensive management of criticism: Pre-involve potential critics and have a concrete reaction type plan in case of need


  • Roll-out of new target group concept for election campaign
  • Efficient budget allocation to optimal channels based on tactical recommendations
  • Companies well-prepared for potential criticism


  • Increased voter turnout beyond client expectations
  • Favorable news coverage with strong positive effect on awareness and relevance of elections