Business Services

Company Profile

  • Security company with global footprint
  • Focus on selling both traditional guard security services and new technical services
  • Domestic revenue in scope: €700m p.a.

Situation and Objectives

  • Continuous margin erosion for core services, while new services benefit from much better margins
  • Sales force not familiar with/comfortable selling new services
  • No clear guidelines on which customers to target with new services
  • Objectives: Identify customers to target with new services and empower sales force to sell new services to these clients successfully


  • Developed customer prioritization scheme to identify customers that are most likely to buy the new services
  • Prepared support material for sales team
  • Conducted sales force training on how to sell the new services and which services are suited to which customers, including mock negotiations
  • Prepared and conducted refresher exercises and initiated monitoring on a continuous basis
  • Adapted incentive system to sales targets for new services

Three Steps to Successful Sales Force Transformation


  • Precise customer prioritization scheme including precise list for each sales rep on which customers to target, and how and when
  • Easy to use support material in accordance with existing material
  • Well-trained sales force
  • Set of well-prepared and established refresher exercises (e.g., newsletter, online tests)
  • Detailed monitoring report recording increased sales of new services
  • Adapted incentive system


  • Significant increase in sales of new services
  • Sales force better prepared to sell new services