Media & Entertainment

Company Profile

  • Leading publisher of yellow pages in Germany
  • Publishes more than 30 yellow pages books

Situation and Objectives

  • Introduce smart price differentiation to increase revenues
  • Simplify product portfolio e.g., by eliminating outdated or irrelevant products
  • Train sales force to ensure successful customer migration and improve value communication


  • Smart price differentiation: Simon-Kucher determined major value drivers for customers and selected the most effective measures to differentiate prices across regions and customer groups.
  • New product design: During an intensive portfolio screening, Simon-Kucher replaced outdated, irrelevant products with new, customer-oriented products which offered real value.
  • Migration planning: Communication planning, including key messages for sales, was developed in detail, supporting a very short implementation time. Already in the first few days after launch, the client received overwhelming positive feedback on new produ

Revenue Impact


  • Established a new value-based price metric resulting in differentiated prices based on an advertisement's reach
  • Developed customer migration logic which helped sales teams to determine migration incentives on a client level


  • +21% in revenue
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Simplified sales process for sales reps incl. value-based argumentation