"You want your consultant to come in with some preconceived thoughts but not hard and fast because you want flexibility. The consultants that I have met at Simon-Kucher have approached things in the right way. They start with a hypothesis, but they’re thoughtful and quite flexible and willing to evolve that hypothesis."

Murray Hennessy, CEO Great Wolf Resorts

"Pricing strategy specialists"

Wall Street Journal

"Fantastic feedback and outstanding work team! Now we can truly start our journey!"

CFO, Seamless Payment Provider, Sweden

Simonkucher : Strategy

As more and more disruptive forces unhinge the way established companies do business and create unparalleled opportunities for start-ups, having the right strategy is becoming more important than ever. In light of new technologies and drastically changing customer behavior, strategies need to be constantly reviewed and adapted – the work is never done.

Given Simon-Kucher’s clear focus on unlocking growth, our strategy work helps our clients accelerate revenue and profits. Strategy for us is never an isolated exercise – it is a commercial strategy, a pricing, sales, or go-to-market strategy, or a due diligence study for private equity clients. 

Our strategy projects focus primarily on new business models for today’s changing environments and on monetization strategies for new products. We develop market-entry strategies and general product and brand strategies. 

No matter what kind of growth strategy project we work on, we don’t stop at the final presentation. We always strive to implement our strategic recommendations so that our clients can measure us by the results we achieve for them.

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