Enrico Trevisan

About Enrico

Dr. Enrico Trevisan is Senior Partner of Simon-Kucher's Italian operations and one of the leading experts in behavioral economics applied to commercial strategy. Since 2021, he has been Senior Partner in Simon-Kucher's global Banking practice, where he leads the Banking practice in Southern-Europe.

His consulting areas are market strategies, innovative offering and pricing models, behavioral economics and digital sales effectiveness.

As a consultant, he has led projects for various corporate, private and retail banks including Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Perù, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, the UK and the US.

Author of "The Irrational Consumer", "Value Pricing", "Selbstbindung" and a number of articles focused on behavioral economics, strategy and marketing, translated into several languages and published in various countries, he is often sought out as a conference speaker around the world.

Enrico studied political science at the University of Turin, Italy, and holds a Master’s degree in business research from the University of Munich, Germany, as well as a PhD in strategic management and organizational theory from the University of Munich, with a focus on behavioral economics.