Simonkucher : Work and Life

Work is important, but it is not everything. We believe in a balanced lifestyle, and we don’t evaluate our associates by the number of hours they spend at a desk. Yes, we work hard; we often travel a lot and have to deal with time pressure. But this is just the nature of the job, and we don’t push it over the top. And that’s not all.



Our employees are able to adopt a hybrid working model with a mix of in-office, remote, and client-facing work. This model is based on three key principles: flexibility, trust and support. We understand that our employees all have different work preferences as well as demands in their personal lives, so we give our employees more flexibility to suit those preferences and demands. We’ve always operated on a foundation of trust, valuing entrepreneurial freedom – we have confidence in our colleagues to identify the best ways to collaborate and cooperate with one another and with clients. Last but not least, we recognize that remote working comes with new challenges – we are committed to providing our employees with the support necessary to embrace hybrid working, both in terms of costs related to remote working and training and tools. 

Your life may take unexpected turns or bring about new situations or crises. We do our utmost to find a solution, whether it’s a flexible working model, a leave of absence or an office transfer. We have many examples of part-time workers and we have helped many associates relocate and join another office if their personal situation required it. 

Since we don’t like excessive regulations and prefer individual solutions, we are more flexible in this respect than many other consultancies. Once we have hired you, we want to keep you on board – and happy. Feel free to come up with your suggestion, and we strive to make it work. 

Career and Family

We believe family comes first. Starting a family can be a big turning point in anyone’s life, and it is not always easy to combine the needs of a young child with the requirements of a consultant’s job. Others may struggle at times to balance work with taking care of elderly or sick family members.

Because we hire many associates who strive to achieve more harmony with their family life, we have become more flexible over the past several years about part-time arrangements for parents and caregivers. Although it is challenging for the entire consulting industry to balance the demands associated with client-services focused careers with family and life in general, we are confident that we will find a solution for you if you need it.

While part-time jobs at other consultancies appear to be synonymous with doing back-office work, our part-time employees may continue to work on challenging projects and can also advance in their careers. We even have a part-time Partnership model that allows a Partner returning from parental leave to work 3 days per week for two years. Again, we don’t look at hours spent in the office or billed to the client, but at your contributions and performance.




You need time and space to do something outside of your work? An approved leave of absence gives you the opportunity to go on an extended journey, lengthen your maternity or paternity leave, do a non-work-related educational program, or just spend some time with family and friends.

Office Transfers and Rotations

Office transfers and rotations are open to all associates who have spent some time at Simon-Kucher. As with most things at Simon-Kucher, we focus on common sense and the business’ needs rather than long waiting lists and inflexible procedures. Let us know well in advance if you would like to work in another country, and give us time to find the right opportunity for you.


Let’s be honest: If work is no fun, you won’t stay with us for long. While we take our work for clients seriously, our associates make sure that it is fun too. They enjoy office outings, Friday night gatherings in the office kitchen, after-work activities, charity events, and ski trips with colleagues. This culture of camaraderie helps make us a great place to work.

We have several annual company events and office celebrations, but we are unique in having a yearly World Meeting that brings together all of our associates for several days of work and fun. Along with global practice meetings, knowledge exchanges and training sessions, this meeting also includes soccer tournaments, off-sites and – last but not least – our big annual holiday party. The more our company grows, the more we value meeting and knowing our associates personally.