Dimitris Hiotis

Global Head of Leisure, Travel, Transportation
London, UK

Dimitris is a Partner at Simon-Kucher. He holds a MSc in Decision Sciences and a BSc (Hons) in Management Sciences from the London School of Economics.

Dimitris has 10 years experience in pricing & yield management. Prior to Simon-Kucher he worked as a Senior Consultant for TUI Travel UK, where he was responsible for developing, implementing & supporting automated yield management solutions for the tour operator package holiday business. He has formerly worked as a management consultant in the railway industry, primarily focused at revenue protection and retail strategy.

During his time at Simon-Kucher, Dimitris has worked for clients from a number of industries covering tourism & hospitality, retail, B2B services & cloud computing. Examples of recent work include price strategy for the top long-haul tour operator in the UK, menu price optimisation for a UK based sandwich chain, development and implementation of a list price & discount model for a cloud computing firm and the delivery of a segmentation model for a well known hotel chain.

His areas of expertise include market sizing and channel strategy, yield management and dynamic pricing, B2B list price optimisation and value-based discounting and price-sensitive demand forecasting.

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