Banking: A New Playbook for Negative Rates, Coronavirus Slowdown



The U.S. Federal Reserve has slashed key benchmark rates to zero in anticipation of a severe economic slowdown from the coronavirus pandemic. We are just one step away from breaking the zero barrier into negative rates. In this webinar, we discuss the impact of a negative rate environment and economic slowdown on bank performance, and address the near and long-term challenges arising from them, including liquidity, margin compression, sharpened competition from mono-line players and growth. We share insights from working with banks in negative rate environments; and rethink customer relationship, deposits and lending strategies to preserve profitability.

  • Identify key performance levers to offset margin erosion
  • Learn how to define, identify and address margin pressure points
  • Learn from experiences in other markets that have experienced negative rates.
  • Implement a mix of direct and indirect measures to support monetization

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