Dear respondents,

Your Market Access and Pricing (MAP) function plays a pivotal role in a product’s success. Is your MAP organization set up to seize opportunities and face challenges? Are you meeting all the requirements to future-proof the MAP organization to ensure success?

This MAXX Scorecard is intended as a self-assessment for you to understand how your MAP organization compares to the best practice in pharmaceutical industry.



In this survey, you will be presented a set of descriptions (Below standard, Baseline, Advanced, and World-class) on a variety of topics relevant to the MAP organization, and you will be asked to select the option that best describes your organization's situation. After a 15-20min survey, you will receive a score that represents the performance of your organization as compared to industry best practice, with assessments and suggestions for areas of improvement.

We appreciate your time to take the survey and we hope that this scorecard will provide you an initial assessment for your MAP organization. For further inquiries, please reach out to Stephan Schurz or email us.


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