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Supercharge growth: leveraging commercial excellence in volatile times [POSTPONED]
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How can Private Equity firms optimize the top line of their portfolio companies? How can they withstand the pending crisis? What value creation levers help to accelerate portfolio companies’ profitability, and how can they beat inflation?

Together with our Transaction Services and Private Equity (TSPE) Practice, our growth-focused industry experts address these questions in our upcoming, in-person Growth Circle PE Apéro. We will discuss topics including the importance of having a commercial value creation roadmap pre-deal and the urgent need to conduct a systematic price increase campaign that supports sustainable profitability within the holding period.

What to expect:
Meet with us in person and learn how to make sure your portfolio firms improve their TopLine. Afterwards, we invite you to an Apéro with discussions and networking. 

Look forward to:

  • Discussing impactful value creation levers 
  • Sharing knowledge on how portfolio firms are dealing with recent trends (e.g., inflation)
  • Gaining new insights and learning about trend-setting project results and best practices
  • Expanding your network


Please register early, as the number of participants is limited to 15. Participation is free of charge.

Your contact person
Anamaria Bumbulut, +43 1512297929,


Learn more about what we do
We advise PE firms and strategic investors on pre- and post-deal and buy- and sell-side mandates so that they are well equipped to manage the challenges ahead. We are the advisor of choice for portfolio companies with high-growth targets that see top line development as a key value driver. 

We use our deep understanding of business models, monetization strategies as well as volume- and price drivers to boost commercial value. Our pragmatic advice and implementation support achieves measurable results for our clients well within their regular holding periods.

Establishing a best-in-class price increase approach is one high impact value creation lever. Given current supply chain constraints, significantly higher input costs, and market uncertainty, prices for products and services of portfolio firms must be increased now. But all too often, companies are addressing too little of their customers with unambitious targets, without even monitoring the results. We have helped portfolio firms to successfully raise their prices and thanks to our systematic approach achieve significantly better results than companies applying a less structured and less stringent approach.