Juan Rivera

Juan served as a Partner in the Boston office in USA.

Juan was an expert in pricing, market access and commercial strategy in the life sciences. While at Simon-Kucher, he helped clients build and maximize their commercial potential by assessing the attractiveness of business opportunities, guiding product development plans to build customer value, crafting value stories to support market access and uptake, determining optimal pricing, market access and contracting strategies, developing post-launch market development and defensive strategies and advising on building capabilities in their commercial processes.

He consulted to more than 25 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical companies in more than 25 countries.  He advised on the launch of over 30 products including many specialty therapy blockbusters.

Prior to joining Simon-Kucher & Partners, Juan worked for Cooper Industries, where he completed the corporate management training program and held various domestic and international assignments.

Juan received an MBA with High Honors from Boston University and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University.