Banking & Financial Institutions

Company Profile

  • Consortium of three regional banks
  • $150m annual revenue (total)
  • $6bn assets under management (total)
  • Universal banks offering payments, savings, brokerage and financing services for private and corporate clients

Situation and Objectives

  • Introduce digitally enhanced advisory process to guide RMs
  • Design advisory solution bundles to best meet different customer needs
  • Optimize pricing to steer customer decision and compensate for revenue lost due to regulatory changes



  • Defined 3 customer-oriented advisory bundles
  • Redesigned advisory process in alignment with regulatory requirements
  • Introduced state-of-the-art advisory technology to support RMs and professionalize advice
  • Re-priced entire client base (>50k clients) and prepared hard migration (migrated on a due date)
  • Trained entire sales force on new advisory process, solution bundles and client migration to ensure successful implementation


  • 5%-7% profit (after loss of commissions)
  • 100% of client advice compliant with regulation
  • 20% efficiency gains (due to reduced RM admin)