Healthcare & Life Sciences

Company Profile

  • Medical-devices manufacturer with global footprint
  • ~$5bn annual sales
  • Global leader in core competency

Situation and Objectives

  • Sales force showed symptoms of being undersized
  • Account managers and product specialists did not adequately pursue their assigned functions
  • Sales force’s internal communication was suboptimal


  • Conducted benchmarking to evaluate sales force size against competitors
  • Identified workload requirements for each product by rep type needed to generate sales by customer segment
  • Generated a new plan for deployment of rep types across territories based on product alignment, customer segmentation, and goals
  • Assessed compensation structure by rep type in the context of the sales management system


  • Restructured sales force with additional defined roles, but maintained account manager and rep headcount
  • Steeper incentive curve to increase turnover of low-performing reps, and greater incentive for high-performing reps


  • Optimized sales force put product back on track to hit revenue target with sales increase of ~10%