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We are entering a period of a resurgent crisis, with volatile demand driven by a health and an economic crisis. Commercial agility is key, as advocated by our CEOs in the first edition of our webinar series.

Now, as most countries are gradually easing lockdown measures, key commercial decisions are required to help you restart and adjust your go-to-market model. This webinar deals with short term back-to-growth planning, answering questions such as:

  • How can you understand and map the impact of recent developments on your demand and go-to-market model?
  • What are key commercial topics to assess and strategize when restarting your business?
  • How can you restart your business in a more commercially agile manner by revisiting your go-to-market model in terms of product, pricing, marketing, channel management and sales optimization?
  • What are low-risk go-to-market actions to be taken immediately, and what do you need to do now to prepare for coming months ahead and to transform to full commercial agility?

Join us in this second webinar of our series, where we will help companies to get restarted and back to growth as quickly as possible.

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