Revenge Travel: How to prepare for the Comeback of Travel in 2021?

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2:05-2:25 PM
The “revenge traveller” – Will travel resurge in 2021? Key highlights from our travel trends study
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2:25-2:45 PM
Personalisation and loyalty: How to win, farm and retain customers in the new world?
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2:45-3:05 PM
Agile revenue management systems: How dynamic pricing needs to evolve to be more adaptive to demand changes?
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3:05-3:15 PM
Comfort break
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Agile revenue management processes: The white box approach to revenue management processes
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3:35-3:55 PM
Structural changes in business travel: How to adapt your business model?
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3:55-4:25 PM
Panel discussion – Perspectives from the industry on 2021
4:25-4:30 PM
Closing remarks
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