As a leader in Life Sciences consulting, Simon-Kucher supports animal health companies in achieving TopLine Power®, both in the livestock and companion animal segments. With the rise in global demand for animal proteins, the continuous increase in spending on pets, and digitalization reshaping current paradigms, the animal health industry is primed for growth, and there are unrivalled business opportunities for innovation-driven manufacturers and animal-healthcare providers. 

However, alongside this industry expansion, customer needs are evolving, and revenue models are becoming more sophisticated and complex. This requires companies to change their traditional pricing and commercial practices, which is the focus of our animal health consulting approach. The challenges the industry faces in this regard include:  

  • Inability to capture value in high-growth developing markets via pricing
  • Inconsistent pricing across markets, which puts profits at risk and result in unfavorable local dynamics
  • Rapidly consolidating customer base, including corporate vet chains and cross-border producers
  • Retailers/online retailers providing new multichannel access to customers and exposing inconsistencies and channel conflicts in commercial policies 
  • Limited experience with offer configuration and pricing models for digital precision livestock farming (PLF) and pet-wearable solutions and services

Experienced Animal Health consulting

With these trends and challenges in mind, we focus on commercial topics that help our clients drive profitable growth and maximize the opportunities in this evolving landscape. Our typical projects include: 

Pricing: Monetizing innovation by designing the optimal pricing strategy for products in the continuum of veterinary care (genetics, vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics)

Digital: Defining the most suitable offer configuration, revenue models, and price levels for data-driven digital products and PLF solutions

International pricing and trade terms: Optimizing trade terms and international prices across countries, traditional and emerging channels, and customer groups to ensure positive return on trade spend

Organizational excellence: Reorganizing and transforming pricing functions to ensure that pricing is supported by an effective organizational structure, operating model, and skillsets

Sales effectiveness: Designing and rolling out KAM excellence programs to build long-term partnerships via consistent contracting strategy and efficient negotiation

Portfolio management: Optimizing positioning, pricing, and promotions for existing products to maximize profitable growth of the entire portfolio  

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