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From Free Fall to Gliding - The Agile Cost Management Challenges in an “After Corona” World

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June 2020


Simon-Kucher & Partners

While the first couple months of the coronavirus lockdown could be described as a “free fall into uncertainty,” full of revenue collapse, liquidity crunch, and desperate cries for help, in recent weeks some might say that the parachute has opened. Though it’s become clear that the economic impact of the pandemic will be substantial and long-lasting, the fall is slowing and the potential for survival seems more and more promising.

Almost immediately after the fall began, talk of what the “new normal” will look like dominated the conversation. The reality is, we’re already there. While we navigate the ebbs and flows and ups and downs of this resurgent crisis, companies will be faced with many new challenges to their business models, and failure to adapt will mean failure to make a safe landing.

In the coming months – even years – companies will face three cost management challenges that will test their agility through this resurgent crisis: Grasping the New Demand, Mastering the COGS Surge, and Avoiding the Automation Trap.

Download our paper to learn how to navigate these challenges and ensure your own safe landing… even if you’ll be landing somewhere that looks very different than where you started.

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