Automotive Breakfast Club

Relationship Marketing in Retail
08:30 AM (CEST)


The standard customer journey is often mistakenly thought of as a linear, end-to-end, product-driven sequence of customer touchpoints. However, marketing strategies structured this way generally miss the mark and ultimately do little to minimize churn or secure loyalty.

This new web session addresses the topic of relationship marketing from a customer-centric perspective and sheds light on a recurring customer journey where the end of the sequence flows directly into the beginning of a new one. Having a marketing claim that packs a punch is crucial, but much more is required to achieve lasting success. Insightful processes and organizational shifts are necessary to communicate, implement, and sustain changes in customer behavior that affect both front-end activities and back-end processes.

Similar to previous breakfast club sessions, we will introduce the topic in the first 30 minutes and take questions from the audience in a Q&A session lasting roughly 15 minutes.

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