Digital Sales Force Empowerment

11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET


COVID-19 has forced financial services organizations to rethink distribution, especially in lines of business that depend on relationship managers and sales specialists to originate and manage customer relationships.  Remote selling has quickly become a core capability.  Yet the traditional challenges of sales force effectiveness remain. 

We have developed a digital, pragmatic and effective way to improve sales force performance that relies on behavioral science to motivate high leverage behaviors.  We apply “nudges” – ways to take advantage of the natural processes that sales professionals and customers use to absorb and respond to information – across the sales cycle from lead generation to closing.  The result is performance improvement throughout the sales funnel and substantial gain in revenue and sales force productivity.

Learn the toolkit for digital sales force empowerment:

  • Behavioral economics:  leverage behavioral science insights to achieve big impact with small changes
  • Digital capabilities:  create a digital environment that supports continuous improvement and sustainable behavior change
  • Agile approach:  introduce rapid measure design, test & roll-out cycles that facilitate organizational learning and propagation of best practices

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