Commercial Merger Integration: How to successfully integrate sales forces - Webinar


Simon-Kucher & Partners, One Canal Park, 02141 MA, Stati Uniti



Join Bhavin Manjee, Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners, for a webinar on October 18th at 2:00 PM EST.

Many have discussed the importance of integration discipline to effectively unlock synergies during M&A. However, too much of the focus has been on cost synergies while ignoring the tremendous value that can be unlocked by top line activities. Sustainable value can be created in a shorter timeframe by putting greater emphasis on the Commercial function – not only to integrate, but to optimize revenue generation activities without the longer term integration investments that typically only address the cost side of the profit equation.

In this discussion, Bhavin Manjee, Director out of the New York office, will draw from their transaction and management experience to discuss:

  • What integration strategies for the Commercial function drive immediate impact to the top line - ahead of the typical 12-18 month integration of infrastructure and support functions
  • How to mobilize your sales force and align incentives for the combined organization to reward value-creation activities
  • How to use data-driven, fact-based analysis objectively to assess sales talent and optimize coverage across geographical territories
  • How to optimize your channel mix
  • How you can quickly assess your portfolio of accounts and determine where your sales force should prioritize their time
  • How to effectively deal with customer overlap
  • How to enhance customer engagement of key accounts and guard against the risk of competitor threats


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