Mastering the online consumer journey: Driving trial, acquisition and ARPU



Razors, beauty boxes, bouquets, and undergarments. You can purchase anything online, and both start-ups and traditional brands realize it! Many are looking at that channel as a new opportunity to drive growth for their brand. The ability to reach out directly to your consumers is enticing...but how do you set yourself up for success? How do you drive trial and acquisition in this vastly competitive marketplace? What are the right pricing models that is suitable to you to best meet your objectives?

Join Vincent Duong (Senior Director within the Consumer & Retail Practice based in Chicago) as he shares best practices and principles on how to optimize the first stages of the online consumer journey! This webinar will cover topics such as:

  • Setting up the right goals and objectives to optimize for the online channel
  • Determining the right pricing and promotional strategy that best targets your core consumers
  • Designing your product offers and pricing to maximize trial, acquisition, and ARPU

Mastering the online consumer journey starts with establishing a strong foundation. Join us to learn what it takes to get that right.

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